Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my voice?
Yes, you can pick either male (default voice) or female. Samples of each are on the home page.

Why don’t you have a long list of voiceover people?
To keep your cost at a low price point we don’t act as a middleman and hand off your script to people with side jobs in makeshift studios. We have a professional male and a professional female voice talent who have been dedicated to the artistry of voice acting for over 50 years combined.

I need a professional voice mail recording for my phone system; can you install it for me?
Because of liability issues with phones we can’t (and don’t want) your passwords. It involves privacy issues of which we have been advised as something to stay away from.

How do I get your professional voice mail message on my phone then?
Two ways, if you have a phone service that allows you to “click and drag” .mp3 or .wav files into your outgoing greeting or any other service on your phone then that’s one way. If you just have an ordinary phone then simply hold the phone within 4 or 5 inches of the speaker and once you have followed your phone systems menu start playing our recorded audio through your speakers. As simple as that sounds to do, it turns out great!

I just don’t like the way it sounded when I get it back. I really should have reworded it differently. Can I have you do it over again?
Yes, but you will need to pay the fee again. If we read it incorrectly or it needs a different approach then there is no charge. Just keep in mind that the script you submit is the final approved version.

I need music for my on hold project or presentation, can you do that too?
Yes we can, but always remember that your music needs to be “royalty free” because of copy write laws. The last thing you want is to find out your commercial has broken a right of ownership law with the company that owns the rights to that music. Royalty free music can be inexpensive depending on your needs.

I have a company presentation to make, and it will have lots of scientific items that need to be announced. What do I do?
No problem, just be sure to include the pronunciations in that separate box for additional instructions. Do what you can to make it as easy as possible for the voice artist to read. The more info they have, the better the outcome will be. If you need to call us to discuss over the phone that’s an option as well.

I have a larger project, do you offer any discount pricing?
Yes. We would be delighted to assist you in any project regardless of the amount of copy and you will receive a discount because of size. From presentation DVD’s to audio books, there’s no project too large. Just contact us by phone or e-mail from our customer service section so we can give you an idea of price.

When will I receive my Voice Over file?
Always within 24 hours during weekdays, and usually within an hour or two during daylight hours. If it’s the weekend or holiday, then the project will begin on the next business day.

What is the Quality of your MP3 files?
Excellent! The technical specs are 256 kb at 44.1 sample rate. IF you require the format to be a .WAV or any other specific format, just let us know and we’ll be happy to provide it.

What type of Credit Cards do you accept?
Once you check out you will be automatically sent to the secure PayPal site. Once there you will see that all major credit cards will be accepted. There is no need to join pay pal either. Once we see payment made your project will go into production.

I have a question I don’t see here, what do I do?
Just call us at 323-208-6058 (Hollywood Studio) or 929-800-2958 (New York Studio)! We are happy to answer any question you have!

“I was really impressed by the speed and quality of my voiceover. “Kim